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New Gauteng Offices Now Open

Web Design Academy is Proud to announce our new Gauteng offices located in Centurion, Pretoria. We are running our first classes in Gauteng from February 2015. All our Awesome Practical Web and Graphic Design courses will be available. Read more about our new courses here

Practical Training

Practical Web Design Training

The Web Design Academy offers hands on courses for most online design subjects. Our courses range from beginner to advanced and available in flexible times. We also offer courses for Mobile Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Audio Production, Beginner to Advanced Web Design, WordPress and more. Visit our courses page for more in depth descriptions on all our courses available and still to come.

Future Technologies

Future Web  Design Technologies

Here at the Web Design Academy we only teach subjects that is relevant in todays web design field. We also teach subjects that is only making an impact now namely HTML5 and CSS3 as well as design for Mobile Websites. We also use the latest software available like Dreamweaver and Flash CS6. We also offer customised courses to suit your needs so be sure to suggest a course if it is not listed.

Adobe CS6 Training Durban

New Courses Available

Graphic Design For Web & Print

jQuery Course South AfricaWe are very happy to announce the start of 3 new courses. After a lot of research and development we have put together an awesome collection of practical courses. The first new course is our Practical Graphic Design for Web & Print. We really put a lot of effort into the course content and cover as much as we can in this 2 day Graphic Design Course. The subjects cover a lot of different aspects of graphic design. You can read more about the course content over here.

jQuery For Web Designers

jQuery Course South AfricaThe second course we are very happy to introduce is jQuery for Web Designers - Course. We now finally have all bases covered for web designers. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript framework available today and by far the most used in all websites. We did a lot of research and realise that there is a huge shortage of web designers with jQuery skills. This jQuery course will cover the jQuery Framework as well as jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. You can read more about the course content over here.

Complete Search Engine Optimisation

jQuery Course South AfricaThe third and much anticipated course is our Complete Search Engine Optimisation - Course. As a web designer it is your duty to not only design a good looking and functioning website but also get your clients websites to rank well in search results. This course will cover everything you need to know on how to achieve that. This course is also great for website owners that wish to get better ranking with their website. You can read more about the course content over here.

We are also busy developing a range of short courses in WordPress, Mobile Marketing as well as HTML Email Design - And best practices. We will keep you updated as to when these courses will be available. You can send us your email to be notified when we launch new courses here at Web Design Academy - Practical Training, like you will not find anywhere else...


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Web Design Academy offers Practical Training to Creative Agencies, Government Departments, Corporate and Private Students. We tailor our courses for your individual needs if needed and often our clients want to work with their own content and marketing material. Get in touch with your specific needs so that we can work out a training package for you accordingly. These are some of our satisfied clients

Web Design Training Clients


AdobeWe also offer custom courses to suit your needs. Our specialty is training company owners in how to build and maintain their own websites for a fraction of the price than what it will cost them to get a web design agency to do the work for them. We also understand that not all business owners has got the time to do so, therefore we also offer a full marketing and design service .

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Application Downloads

Web Design Applications

We will be using the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 to complete the training with. Most agencies in the world use the Adobe Creative Suite so we find it fitting for you train with these applications. Although the same can be achieved with a lot of different and free applications so we also list these for you to download. HTML, CSS and JavaScript can even be coded in any word processor, Check out our list of free apps.

Design Resources

Web Design Resources

Here you will find a massive online design resource. We supply you with Code Examples, Royalty Free Images, Templates, Freelancing Tips, Tutorials and much more. Join our community for free and also receive support while you learn web design. We make sure that you can complete your task no matter how big, and we support all our students through email, phone and in office by appointments.

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Social Responsibility Program

We run a social responsibility program where we offer free training to our community. You can visit our Social Responsibility page for more information regarding the courses and programs we run.

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