We have a range of course packages which includes some or all our courses. Save up to R8600 !!
Receive the Latest Books, Resources, Working Files, Software and all In-Class Activity on a DVD for each of your Subjects.
Learn PHP & MySQL the Practical Way - Learn By Doing
Web & Graphic Design - Search & Social Marketing - Web & Mobile Development - More
We offer a free refresher course if you feel that you did not understand it first time around...

Smaller class sizes (16 max) allows one-on-one mentoring.
Get all software included and 100% free after course support.

Free refresher course. We gaurantee your knowledge.

Create up to 9 complete websites in class. Take all the code with you to start an awesome portfolio.
Learn how to design, develop and market with the latest tools and techniques.

Welcome to Web Design Academy – Practical Instructor Lead Courses

Web Development Course South AfricaWe offer a range of Digital Online Marketing, Design and Development courses in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal with plans of opening in Cape Town soon. Our levels start from absolute beginner to very advanced. We are proud to be one of the very few institutes offering practical, face-to-face instructor lead courses in these subjects. We guarantee your understanding of the subjects as we offer  free refresher courses to students not grasping it the first time.


Practical Instructor Lead Courses

Digital Marketing Course South Africa

Web Design Academy offers practical hands on courses for most online design subjects. Our courses range from absolute beginner to very advanced levels and available in flexible times. Online/Digital Marketing can be split into a few categories and we offer subjects in all of them.

We also offer courses for Mobile Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Beginner to Advanced Website Design and Development, WordPress, Search Optimisation, Graphic Design and much more. Visit our courses page for more in depth descriptions on all our courses available.

Excellent Up to Date Course Material

Website Design Course Subjects

Here at the Web Design Academy we only teach subjects that is relevant in today’s web design industry. We teach the latest techniques and tools and keep on updating our course material to stay up to date with an ever changing technology. We also teach subjects that is changing the web, making an impact – namely HTML5 and CSS3, Design for Mobile Devices, PHP and jQuery to name a few. We use the latest techniques available and suggest the best tools to use for each course. We also offer customised courses to suit your needs. Our tutors share their 13 years of “real world” experience in class, something you won’t find in any book.

Digital Marketing Course

Our Latest Courses

PHP & MySQL Course

PHP Course Gauteng and Durban

In this PHP and MySQL course you will learn all the important aspects of developing dynamic content for websites. PHP is a powerful, free server-side language which is relatively easy to learn for those who have never programmed before.

WordPress Course

WordPress Customisation Course

Our WordPress Course provides you with the skills to use WordPress effectively as a content management system. You will learn how to use WordPress to develop advanced database driven websites and applications or anything you can think of.

WDA Course Packages

Web Design Academy Courses South Africa

We also put together a few different course packages which contains all or some of our courses. This is great for anyone starting their web design career. Learn more for less. Our packages are carefully put together with the subjects complimenting each other.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • Thanks to Web Design Academy I am now developing our website the best way possible. The course content was great and I could ask anything I wanted to know with great feedback and support. A definite for anyone wanting to study Web or Graphic Design.

    Melissa JoosteMr.Price
  • The best course I have been on. The practical aspects behind the course really made it easy to understand. We also learned the latest in website design. 5 Stars to Web Design Academy.

    Yolanda DaviesSpar - South Africa
  • After completing the 10 Day Web Design course I am very confident in offering my clients a full web, social and search service. Best money I ever spent. Very insightful and friendly staff. Thanks again. G

    Gerard J.V VuurenWebsite Copywriter
  • As a print designer I really enjoyed your courses. The course content is great for absolute beginners and you scaled it perfectly to more advanced levels. Excellent practical training that I will suggest to anyone wanting to learn web and graphic design.

    Chantelle GibsonPerfect Print
  • The 13 day course was absolutely amazing. We packed so much information in that I feel like a web design super hero. The courses are perfectly planned out and each course complimenting the next one. Thank You !

    Samuel KhuneFreelance Web Designer
  • This is the best course package available now in South Africa. I studied at numerous colleges and learned more in my 13 Day course than what I learned in 3 years. Thank you for the excellent course. Your passion for the web shows in your courses.

    Siyana MhlangoDeveloper - Dube Tradeport
  • I am so impressed with Web Design Academy. They made the course material so easy to understand. By the second day I was already creating my own website. Even my 16 year old boy who joined me loved the course. A huge thank you to you guys. You have amazing service and excellent course material.

    Jennifer MotlapeMotlape Web


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