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If you want to Learn Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Web or Mobile Development, Search Engine Optimisation, PHP, jQuery and everything Online/Digital Marketing then you came to the right place. View our courses below. We cover all subjects that you will ever need to becoming a professional in the industry. All our courses are practical and in-class instructor lead. Welcome to Web Design Academy – You won’t need any other training again.

HTML Course
Introduction to Web Design – HTML & CSS

Our Introduction to HTML and CSS course in Durban will teach you all the skills to use HTML and CSS effectively to design a complete website. We will start off by learning all the theory behind HTML and CSS then build a complete website in class. You will also learn very basic optimisation as well as how to upload the website to the internet.

WordPress Course
WordPress Complete – MasterClass

Our WordPress course in Durban provides you with the skills to use WordPress effectively as a Content Management System. You will learn how to use WordPress to develop advanced websites. We will look at everything you need to know about WordPress. From Installation, Theme customisation, Template Design and Plugin development.

HTML5 CSS3 Course
HTML5 & CSS3 MasterClass

In our HTML5 & CSS3 course in Durban you will learn all the latest techniques, tags and properties available. It is the latest in website design and a really great class to improve your design skills as a whole. This course will be practical, instructor lead training working with basic through advanced techniques.

Social Media Marketing Course
Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing course in Durban will teach you how to market and integrate social accounts as a Web Designer.  We will look at how to customise different pages and how to fully take advantage of these social networks. We also look at complete website integration, both linking and sharing options. You will also learn all about Social Management tools.

Mobile Website Design Course
Mobile Responsive Web Design Course

Our Responsive Web Design Course in Durban is aimed at Web Designers that want to learn how to build websites for all devices. We will design a complete responsive website in class as well as looking at mobile and tablet specific designs. You will also learn all about detection and redirection. Finally you will learn how to design mobile applications using HTML5 and CSS3.

Flash Animation Course
Flash Animation with ActionScript

Our Adobe Flash Course in Durban covers everything you need to know about Flash Animation and controlling your flash files with ActionScript code. Learn how to use Flash to create amazing animations, websites, desktop applications, presentations and much more. We will also look at Audio and Video in Flash. Finally we will look at Flash Advertising and publishing.

jQuery Course
jQuery For Web Designers

Our jQuery course is aimed at web designers wanting to learn jQuery the practical way. Learn the power behind jQuery and take your design skillset to the next level. jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that adds additional functionality to a web page. HTML = Structure, CSS = Design, jQuery = Functionality.

Graphic Design Course
Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Course covers Graphic Design for Websites and Print Design. Learn Graphic Design the Practical Way. This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to best optimise images for web and design awesome looking graphics. You will also learn how to design Corporate Stationery and Print Layouts.

SEO Course
Search Engine Optimisation

Our Search Engine Optimisation Course is aimed at Web Designers that want to learn how to best optimise a website for optimal search rank results. We cover every single aspect of SEO. After completing this course you will be able to do On-Site and Off-Site SEO work. A definite course for any web designer / developer.

PHP Course South Africa

With our PHP course in Durban you will learn all the important aspects of developing with PHP. You will also learn how to use PHP and MySQL together. PHP & MySQL Course Durban

Website Security Course South Africa
Website UI and Layout Design

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Additional Bolt-On Courses

Website Design Bolt-On Courses
Bolt-On CoursesAdditional Short Courses that Compliments Current Courses

Our Bolt-On courses are short courses that compliments our current courses available. These courses cover additional information about the subject which is out-of-scope for the course available. These courses are between 3-4 hours long and cover important information about the subject. These courses can be taken if you have previous experience in the subject. The prices for these courses range from R350 to R650. These are great Bolt-On courses for the subjects we have on offer.

eCommerce WordPress Course
eCommerce With WordPress

Our WordPress eCommerce course in will teach you the skills to use WordPress effectively as a world class eCommerce System. You will learn everything from setting up a complete shop with cart, checkout and user accounts including various payment gateways. We will also look at different product types and actually build a full eCommerce website in class. We will supply all software.

Freelance Business Management Course
Web & Graphic Design Freelance

With our Web & Graphic Design Freelance Course you will learn all aspects of running a freelance business. We cover everything from starting a freelance project to which documents to include in your pitches. You will also learn everything about branding your business. You will also receive a lot of great documents and contract templates which you can use for your business.

Website UI Design Course
Web Design Index – Tips & Tricks

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Website Design Course Packages
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13 Day – The Rockstar
  • Subjects – 10
  • Level – Intro to Advanced
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15 Day – The Guru
  • Subjects – 13
  • Level – Intro to Very Advanced
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