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Practical Web and Graphic Design, Web and Mobile Development, Search and Social Marketing Courses
Teaching web developers and Graphic Designers for the past 10 Years
Rated Best Academy for Web Design in South Africa.
Guaranteed Knowledge with our FREE refresher courses



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Although we offer a free refresher course, allowing students to re-take their entire course for free, we have only had 0.57% of students returning.
This speaks volumes to our practical way of teaching. Students understand the subjects first time around.

We have also found 3.7% of students already attended a degree in web design and learned more in our 15 day course than in their entire 3 years.
We only teach what matters most; we don’t waste time with stuff you never use.

We have placed 625 students in full-time employment earning a salary between R15K to R30K.
The rest of our students were already employed.

Our course material gets updated as new tools and techniques are released.
On average we update our courses once a year however some subjects up to 3 times a year.

Practical Design Courses

Web Design Academy offers practical training to Private Individuals, Marketing Agencies, Corporate Clients and Government Sector. We are proud to be one of very few institutions in Africa that focuses on practical training with a wide variety of subjects.

Custom Web Development & Maintenance

We design websites with style and purpose. All our years of experience goes into each one of our projects. We are specialists in Web Development, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media and Search Marketing & Optimisation.

Web Design Course Durban Johannesburg

We offer hands on training, meaning with all our courses you actually build a complete website, mobile app, ecommerce platform, blog, or whatever your course entails. You also optimise and market it and upload everything to the internet with domain and hosting. It is full on practical training.

Our Web and Graphic Design courses in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal are aimed at teaching you the techniques that matter most in creating successful websites and graphics. We teach you the latest technologies and the best ways to implement them in all scenarios. All our courses will be practical, step-by-step instructions making it easy to understand as well as creating something while you learn.

On completion you will receive a certificate but most importantly also have the knowledge of the latest in the industry. Our course material is certified and our tutors share their 13 years experience that can not be found in any book. We also assist you in job placements and keep you in the loop with local and international digital design positions.

The web designing world is in a very exciting stage at the moment with HTML5, CSS3, Design for mobile devices and Social Media Marketing being very popular, almost re-creating that buzz that web design was a few years ago. Now is a great time to get into web design, and the best way to study these subjects is through our PRACTICAL, face to face & outcomes based classes.

Where other training institutes focus mainly on teaching you the applications, we focus more on the actual techniques. We do however teach you everything you need to know on how to design with a variety of applications, preparing you for working in the web design industry. Our classes will be no more than 8 students at a time so you get personal attention all the way through the course.



We have no special pre-requisites in order to attend our academy. You don’t even need to have matric.
All you need to know is how to use a computer, we teach you the rest.


After attending our courses you are able to design amazing websites – make your course money back with only 1 website.
Everything after that is generating extra income.


This is by far the quickest and easiest way to start earning a very decent income for anyone,
no matter age, experience or degree.


Attending short courses in the web industry is far better than attending a 3 year degree.
By the end of your 3rd year everything you learned is old technology already.

Our Clients

Web Design Academy offers Practical Web and Graphic Design, Web and Mobile Development, Social and Search Marketing Training to Creative Agencies, Government Departments, Corporate and Private Students.

We tailor our courses for your individual needs if needed and often our clients want to work with their own content and marketing material. Get in touch with your specific needs so that we can work out a training package for you accordingly.These are some of the companies we educated.

Creative Agencies

  • Thumbtribe
  • Public Address CA
  • Conversation Lab
  • Republic Creative


  • MR. Price Group
  • SPAR Group
  • Dube Tradeport Corp.
  • S.A School of Weddings


  • Dept. of Higher Education
  • Eastern Cape Development.
  • Roads Directorate
  • Econet Telecom (Lesotho)

S&M Business

  • Vivid Pro
  • Key Info
  • Dream Station
  • Graffiti

Corporate Solutions

WordPress Website Design Course SupportWeb Design Academy also offer custom web design courses to suit your needs. Our specialty is training company owners how to build and maintain their own websites for a fraction of the price than what it will cost them to get a web design agency to do the work for them.

We focus on your actual website and how to get the best for your individual needs. We also understand that not all business owners has got the time to do so, therefore we also offer a full marketing and design service through our WDA | CREATE department.

Vouchers & Group Discounts

WordPress Web Design Course MaterialsWeb Design Academy vouchers are an effective way to save on your training costs, ensuring the maximum benefit from all training investment. Designed to suit an organisations long-term training needs. Vouchers are an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to take advantage of more than one of our courses. Also great as a gift.

Discounts apply to bookings with three or more people from one organisation:
10% off for three people, 15% for more than 3.
(*May not be used on top of any other discounted package or with any Weekend/Evening Classes.

Why Study at Web Design Academy

  • Knowledge Guaranteed – We are so confident in our courses and tutors that we offer a FREE refresher course if you feel you did not understand everything the first time.
  • Knowledge is Power –  In today’s economic climate it can only do you good to learn a technology that will be around for years to come.
  • Up to date – We offer the opportunity to learn all latest techniques, tools and current web, mobile, graphic, social and search trends. We update our course material regularly to stay current with an ever changing technology.  When you finish our courses you will know the latest techniques and tools to use.
  • Jobs in the Web Design Industry – The web is going to be around for a long, long time, and what’s even better is that it keeps morphing into new and more sophisticated forms and shapes. So when you know how to design websites, your services are always going to be in demand. Web design is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa.
  • Be your own boss – We teach you how to market yourself in order to become a successful freelancer. More and more agencies are using freelancers to cut costs. Companies are looking for web designers to improve and maintain their websites.
  • Generate passive income – We teach you how to sell your services, web components and templates online. This way you can generate passive income while freelancing and marketing your business.
  • It’s a useful skill – if you are looking to update or create your own website then it will work out cheaper to do our web design course and the bonus is that you can keep on maintaining and improving your websites for years to come, saving you a great amount of time and ultimately money. Your knowledge of web design will sure come in handy, not just for your own pages, but for those of your friends and family as well.



A Great Introduction Course Package with 4 Subjects.


Complete our 10 Day Course for a start to a great Web Design Career


Become a Web and Graphic Design Rockstar with our 13 Day Course.


The Ultimate Course Package that contains all our Subjects.

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