Flash Animation & ActionScript Course Durban

Animation, Audio, Video and ActionScript

Adobe Flash Course Durban – Overview

Create Amazing Flash Applications with Audio & Video

This Flash Course in Durban is aimed at students who are new to the Flash environment. During the training students will benefit from hands-on practice with Flash to create engaging animations and stunning interactive designs.

Flash Animation Course Durban

In this Flash course you will learn how to design anything using vector and all the built in Flash design tools. We will also learn how to use the different built in animation and effects presets to create amazing animations, banners, website effects and presentations.

We will also learn how to use Audio and Video in Flash by creating an audio application as well as using it in your website. Learn how to use Flash by doing. A very fun and interactive Flash Course in Durban.

This Flash course will cover everything you need to know on how to create amazing flash adverts all the way through to creating flash marketing websites, presentations Desktop Applications and much more.

We will also learn how to control Flash with ActionScript Code to create advanced Web and Desktop Applications.

We will even create an Audio Desktop Application.

09:00am - 14:00pm
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Who is this course for?

Students that want to create awesome flash content with Audio, Video and Animations. Anyone wanting to make their websites extra special. Corporate Clients wanting to use flash to create amazing Flash Presentations. Anyone wanting to learn Flash in Durban.

Assumed Knowledge

For this Adobe Flash Course in Durban we will assume you have a working knowledge of Windows or Mac systems. You should be comfortable using the mouse and keyboard.

What you will Learn

  • The Flash Eco System
  • Flash Interface and Tools
  • Drawing with Flash
  • Animating with Flash
  • Video in Flash
  • Audio in Flash
  • Building a website in Flash
  • Creating Flash Banners
  • Mixed Media in Flash
  • Creating animated gif files.
  • Publish Flash Content
  • ActionScript Programming Basics

Course Subjects

Launching flash
  • resetting the workspace
  • exploring the welcome screen
  • the flash files explained
  • creating our first flash file
  • the panels
  • modifying the movie properties
  • saving the file
Getting to Grips with Drawing, strokes
  • the line tool
  • using the black mouse pointer to manipulate the line
  • changing the stroke’s properties
  • the colour panel and selecting the right options
  • the pen tool
  • the pencil and its crafty modes
Drawing, fills and shapes
  • the basic shapes
  • watching out for the stroke/fill conundrum
  • manipulating shapes
  • the color panel and fills solid
  • bitmap and gradients solving classic problems
The Shape Tool
  • working in a single layer causes its problems
  • accidental fill on fill but this can be useful
  • compound shapes and slicing shapes up
  • stroke fill interactions
Working with Layers
  • building new layers
  • locking previous layers to prevent modification
  • hiding and showing layers
  • outline view as an alternative to visibility
  • adding shadows to our design
Using the Text Tool
  • the text tool
  • checking the properties before you type
  • adding our text
  • back to black
  • changing the properties
  • discussing the anti-alias options
  • working with large blocks of text
  • an example of text orientation
  • breaking apart text and applying a stroke
Enhancing the Design with Images
  • a simple import to stage
  • let’s take a look at workflow
  • decide upon the size
  • resize in fireworks
  • using image preview to manipulate the quality
  • exporting the image
  • import to library and use the symbol in the movie
  • a workflow for transparent content
  • open the image in fireworks
  • export as PNG32 to maintain transparency
  • import to library and explore the bitmap properties
  • working with ‘vector’ artwork
  • tracing line-art drawings
  • is it worth it?
  • some nice examples
Being Symbolic?
  • the concept
  • convert to symbol, shape, text and image
  • compare and discuss the symbol types
  • look at colour effects
  • look at filters
  • reuse is the key
  • blend modes
Using the Mask
  • importing an image
  • creating a new layer
  • using the grid fill deco tool
  • turning it into a mask
  • locking layers and preview
Tweening Time
  • steps to happiness
  • tweening different properties, movement, alpha, scale and rotation
  • putting it into practise,let’s build a banner
  • the magic staircase
  • animating images
  • cache as bitmap
  • exploring easing and breaking up a tween
Publishing your Movie
  • a quick look at publish settings
  • publishing the movie
  • reviewing the output

Getting all interactive

Back to Banners
  • banner advert sizes
  • let’s build a banner to brush up our skills
  • alphas, movement, scale, blur
  • placing backgrounds and borders on our banner
  • advertisement text
  • transparent corners
  • creating movieclips in retrospect
  • masking revisited
  • using a mask in an animation
  • shape tweening and the spray brush
  • how to add a simple link and let’s copy and paste the code
The Building Blocks of a Simple Microsite
  • building a button,
  • separating shape and colour
  • creating a button symbol
  • bevel filters and tint effects
  • adding audio to the click and adding some dummy text
  • duplicating symbols
  • duplicating our button
  • modifying the text
  • bringing the buttons together
  • grouping the buttons using a movieclip
  • giving everything a name
  • using a movieclip for the background
  • building the symbol off the stage and it’s not the size that’s important
  • sketching out the design
  • a quick storyboard
  • identifying extra elements
  • rounded corners and 9-slice scaling
Building our first page
  • the home page
  • layers and layer names
  • adding our library content
  • adding text and applying formatting
  • getting gradient text using masks
  • image import and workflow revisited and lorem ipsum as a cheat
Using scenes
  • getting the content in the same place
  • duplicating the title symbol and then swapping it out
  • swapping out the image
  • modifying the layout
  • naming our scenes
  • modifying behaviour with a sprinkling of script
  • adding some code to make the buttons work
  • sneaking in a simple preloader
  • adding labels to our frames as anchors
  • changing our publish settings to enable the anchors
  • reviewing the movie and fixing any problems
Publishing the Microsite
  • Publish settings and the flash player version
  • Reviewing our result


  • Quick Test to see if you understood everything
  • Certificate
Adobe Flash Education Durban


  • You can always sit in for the same course again at any time within a year for free.
  • Our courses are practical – The best way to learn. Learn by Doing.
  • Get a great Flash Course in Durban
  • Our Tutors share their 13 years experience and best practices, something you won’t get anywhere else.

Here’s what you get with your registration

Supplied Course Materials

Web Design Course MaterialsFor this Flash Course in Durban we supply detailed course notes and reference text. We try to provide sufficient supporting material so that you can return to your work place with sufficient confidence to permit further learning. You also get all course activity and files on a DVD disc at the end of your Flash Animation Course in Durban.

Ongoing Student Support

Website Design Course SupportThere is nothing worse than leaving a course and feeling left on your own. We like to ensure our customers have all the support and backup they need which includes 90 days unlimited support by phone or email. You also get lifetime support through our Resource Centre. For the Flash course in Durban you can also sit in again for the same course if you feel you need a refresher.

We look after our students:

We provide water, coffee & tea during the day. You can have your coffee at your desk.

You also get

  • A start to a great flash portfolio.
  • A great practical Flash course in Durban.
  • A great collection of Flash Design and Development Books.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Working Flash Code and Animation Examples.
  • Access to our resource website with free stock images, tutorials and code examples.
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