6 Tips For Successfully Upskilling As A Designer

Decided to upgrade yourself this year? Follow these tips to skip to the front of the opportunities queue.

Looking to extend your skillset in 2017? Maybe you want to learn how to start a blog with WordPress or design a website from scratch using HTML and CSS?  Upskilling can help you skip to the front of the design opportunities queue. But what should you learn, and how?

01. Build your confidence

“Have the ambition, confidence and drive to go beyond the area you’re working in. “Look for inspiration that you can apply to your work in a way that’s relevant to you.” Start

02. Set broad horizons

“Read something new, watch something different, or visit someplace and get lost, If you’re going to develop as a designer, you need to develop as a person.”

03. Be fearless

“Flawless design bores me; ‘ugly’ design gets my attention, I’d rather see you experimenting with the tools you have than considering your next software purchase.”

04. Stay adaptable

“Adapt to your environment, You should always be looking and learning, sucking up as much of the world as you can.”

05. Work on your problem-solving

It’s all about developing your capacity to think creatively and solve problems. “The ability to come up with original and unexpected ideas is more valuable than anything,” he insists.

06. Be passionate

“Be true to who you are. If you can keep the spirit alive of doing what you love, you won’t fall into the trap of trying to be the same as everyone else.”

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