Reasons to Learn to Code in the New Year

If you’ve been on the fence about learning to code, here are a few reasons why you should definitely pursue it this year. Knowing how to code gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Whether you’re looking to change careers, or simply move ahead in your current one, learning to code is a great way to strengthen your resume and put you a step ahead of the competition.

1). Coding helps you discover new ways of thinking

Learning to code helps develop other crucial and transferable skills, like computational thinking, allowing you to tackle problems, outside the realm of coding, in new and innovative ways.

2). It’s fun. It really is!

Coding is all about solving problems. It’s about breaking things down to their constituent parts and building them back up again. It can be challenging. Just like learning a new language or putting together a puzzle. Except that with coding, you are putting together a puzzle that will allow you to talk to computers (and tell them what to do).

3). Coding helps you understand the world

We learn biology and math (and mandate its inclusion in curriculums) because we know that this information is fundamental to understanding the world around us. In an increasingly technological world, knowing the basics of how computers communicate and how to engage with them is fundamental to a well-rounded understanding of the world.

4.) Bring your ideas to life.

Coding is powerful because it allows you to make your ideas a reality. Say you’re an amateur mushroom enthusiast who just moved to a new city and wants to meet up with fellow mycophiles. There’s no app for that (at least not as far as we know). But you can make one! You could make an app that finds you the closest hang gliding location or one where you can trade half-finished knitting projects. Whatever you decide to make, however you decide to use the super power that is coding, the important thing is that it’s yours. You’ll be shaping the products that you and others are using.

5). Why your Child should learn code


Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs. If you possess a hot skill that many of your peers lack–such as the ability to code–you instantly appear more desirable in the eyes of potential college admissions officers and employers.

Over all, learning to code inspires creativity and curiosity by giving you the opportunity to experience the satisfaction and thrill of building something of your very own.

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