Why Studying WordPress Is Good For Any Career

Today we are going to talk about how WordPress is creating more jobs and why WordPress is so popular.

WordPress has become a core business skill. In past generations Microsoft Office was considered an essential business skill. You couldn’t get an office job without knowing Word and Excel. And you won all sorts of bonus points for making the boss’s PowerPoint presentation look…less terrible.

While Office is still an important technical skill for cube dwellers, WordPress is rapidly emerging an important and high-demand job skill.

We are not talking about job skills for web designers. I’m talking about job skills for otherwise non-technical administrative workers.

You don’t need to be a coder or a web designer to use WordPress at work. That’s just the thing. WordPress is for everyone.

Over 26% of all websites are built with WordPress. And that number is growing rapidly. There’s a good chance you’ll be expected to know something about WordPress in the future. Whether it’s updating a post on the company blog, installing a new plugin, or even changing the theme.

Here are 6 good reasons why WordPress is so popular.

Why WordPress Is So Popular & Why You Should Use It



1. WordPress Is Free & Open Source
2. WordPress Is Easy to Use
3. Create Any Website With WordPress
4. WordPress Is 99 % SEO Friendly [Acc. to Google]
5. Large Community Helps In Troubleshooting
6. WordPress Is Easy To Customize


How Is WordPress Creating More Jobs And Is It A Career Path, Really?

Take a look at the surge in this chart showing “WordPress” in job trends:


But what does that truly mean? “I know WordPress” has a wide variety of applications and interpretations, all in different contexts.

We can’t deny the platform is creating job opportunities, whether those be entrepreneurial (such as in freelance) or with more traditional employment. Either way, people’s careers are being affected, and oftentimes it can be by surprise.

People are learning technical skills by way of WordPress, and that’s a good thing, though it comes with some caveats for the industry as a whole.



So what can you do with WordPress in your career path?

Lot’s of things! Here are some ideas, and we strongly encourage you to leave your own in the comments below!

Web development and design freelancing

There are lots and lots of opportunities to be a freelancer developing and designing WordPress sites. The jobs in this area abound. Where can you find them? Here are a few places:

job board – posting specifically WordPress-related jobs with a myriad of specialties under that umbrella.

LinkedIn – type in “WordPress” as the keyword and your city of preference, and it will give you your options!

Freelancing is so much more a viable career choice nowadays than it may have been pre-Internet or pre-us-knowing-how-to-use-the-Internet. One thing to keep in mind though is that if you chose this path, you will also be a business owner. That changes the dynamic of your work day and task list significantly.


Get a job as a WordPress developer or content creator

Yes, believe it or not, developers who specialize in WordPress are now in demand.

As for being a content creator, of course your skill in effective copy writing will come first. But it’s especially useful to know how to use WordPress thoroughly if you are going to be able to write content that can work within the flow of WordPress.

Bloggers are in demand nowadays, and content is king when it comes to Internet marketing, which as we know is replacing print advertising in many ways.

Work on WordPress itself

Yes, WordPress has a company behind it. It’s called Automattic and they look for great talent. They also offer a lot of benefits. Word of the wise here: if you want to work for Autoamattic be ready to show your altruistic contribution to the WordPress community in a significant way.

Think outside the box: use WordPress to get a job in other industries

Career tips are now telling you to not only set yourself up on LinkedIn, but also to create a website promoting yourself as a person. One way to do this is with WordPress. Yes, there are other ways, but trust me, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get out of setting up your own site with WordPress is a great one, especially if you think you fit into the camp of the non-technical. You’d be surprised how easy it can be once you overcome the learning curve, and being able to show your skill in doing this will be an asset on your resume anyway!

So whether you want to be an accountant or a teacher, working with WordPress to kick-start your career can be a great tool for getting noticed by employers.

WordPress is changing our job market

There are several ways that knowing WordPress will help with your career development:

  • Finding a new job. As noted, a huge number of websites are built with WordPress. Someone needs to maintain those sites by posting new content, updating old content, and performing basic updates and maintenance. In the past this sort of work would have been considered highly technical. Thanks to WordPress you don’t need to have a computer science degree to maintain the company website. As a result, these sorts of tasks are increasingly being assigned to administrative support staff. The kind of people who excel at Excel.
  • Getting a promotion at your current job. Your boss is looking for someone to update the company website. You volunteer because you have some WordPress skills. Your boss thinks you’re a genius when you go above and beyond by making some impressive improvements to the site. She doesn’t need to know that all you did was install a free plugin. It’s the results that matter.
  • Becoming a freelancer. With WordPress skills you’re equipped to help site owners anywhere — and there are a lot of them. And you don’t even need to quit your day job to try this. Most WordPress freelancers work remotely. Your skills allow you to take work on the side while you figure out if the freelance lifestyle is right for you.

In a competitive job market adding WordPress to your resume is a sure way to stand out. It might even be the difference between going to work or staying home and sending out more resumes.

Knowing more about WordPress will empower you, improve your career opportunities, and improve your life.

Overall WordPress is a nice CMS to adopt for your next business website. We highly recommend to use it. Are you ready to learn more about WordPress? Signup for the WordPress Course at our Academy in Durban or Gauteng

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