Why Education is Extremely Important

You know why being educated is extremely important? Because for you to be happy, you need to feel good from within. It is only possible to have a stable mind and a balances life once you are self dependent and have a reputable standing in the society. By simply being educated you’d have little job insecurity, no inferiority complex and a well organized understanding of the world. Education may not be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things which come together to make you happy.

The Will to Keep trying till success strikes

It is only through education that you’d have multiple level goals and a number of ways to reach them. You’d have dreams which transmute to thoughts and later into actions. Your will to get your dream to turn true will be undeterred and you’d try in every way possible till you succeed. The uneducated may have better intellectual and labour capacity but the lack of understanding of multiple ways to achieve their goals is often an obstacle.

Earn your own living

With evolving lifestyles, steep inflation rates and luxuries transcending into needs, it is only impossible for a family to depend and thrive on one bread earner. You ought to work for self sufficiency and dependency and education helps you gain job opportunities for financial independence. Also, education helps you build a network with people who’s resources might work the best in your benefit if you so choose to be self employed.

Below are some of our Web Design Courses where we give you the opportunity to be educated in the Web Design Industry.  We cover all subjects that you will ever need to becoming a professional in the industry. All our courses are practical and in-class instructor lead.

HTML Course

Introduction to Web Design – HTML & CSS

Our Introduction to HTML and CSS course in Durban will teach you all the skills to use HTML and CSS effectively to design a complete website. We will start off by learning all the theory behind HTML and CSS then build a complete website in class. You will also learn very basic optimisation as well as how to upload the website to the internet.


WordPress Course

WordPress Complete – MasterClass

Our WordPress course in Durban provides you with the skills to use WordPress effectively as a Content Management System. You will learn how to use WordPress to develop advanced websites. We will look at everything you need to know about WordPress. From Installation, Theme customisation, Template Design and Plugin development.


HTML5 CSS3 Course

HTML5 & CSS3 MasterClass

In our HTML5 & CSS3 course in Durban you will learn all the latest techniques, tags and properties available. It is the latest in website design and a really great class to improve your design skills as a whole. This course will be practical, instructor lead training working with basic through advanced techniques.


If you want to Learn Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Web or Mobile Development, Search Engine Optimisation, PHP, jQuery and everything Online/Digital Marketing then you came to the right place.


Web Design Academy
Web Design Academy
Practical Web and Graphic Design Courses. Adobe Training. We offer a range of subjects to cover all aspects of Website Design, Web & Mobile Development and Graphic Design. We also have subjects in Search Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.
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